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Based out of Dublin and Hong Kong, Lemonlime works directly with OEMs in Asia to curate and build robust, technically excellent, great looking and competitively priced Raspberry Pi accessories.

How do you use your Raspberry Pi?


The Raspberry Pi is an ideal platform for retro- games and has enough processing power to run most arcade, PC and console games from the 1970s to 1990s.

Turbo-boost your Raspberry Pi gaming experience with Lemonlime’s gaming kit which includes a great set of headphones, a best-selling wired controller, robust case and can be delivered with or without a Raspberry Pi 4 board.


With Raspbian installed on your Raspberry Pi, coders can create a myriad of applications based on Python programming language

Lemonlime’s advanced kit provides the Raspberry Pi newbie all they need to get started on their RP coding projects. The kit includes our robust cooling case, heat sinks, universal power adapter, USB flash drive, card reader and more. And of course your all-important Raspberry Pi 4 board. 


Raspberry Pis are great for teaching kids to code and for learning all kinds of science skills. Combined with Lemonlime kits, educators around the world can have reliable, easy-to-use and low-cost accessories to keep their students enthusiastic about Raspberry Pi projects.

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