About us

 Just like you there’s nothing we love more than tinkering with Raspberry Pis. We took our enthusiasm one-step further and started sourcing the best products and new innovations we could find to help squeeze more from Raspberry Pi.

The result is LemonLime.

Based out of Dublin and Hong Kong, we work directly with OEMs in Asia to curate and build robust, technically excellent, great-looking and competitively-priced Raspberry Pi accessories.


Whether you’re into gaming, coding or education our range of carefully selected accessories will seamlessly fit into the way you use your Raspberry Pi.

Customer feedback is a key part of our development, as well as our own global team of product testers our most valuable asset is feedback from the Raspberry Pi community.

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Bringing exciting new products to you

Our team are working with innovative designers and factories throughout Asia to discover exciting new technologies to enhance your Raspberry Pi experience and your digital life.

More details to follow…